July 5 - Reunion

Walked to Wairau and crashed the South Seas Film Course. Met up with Kendra and surprised one of my friends who lived down south North Island I haven’t seen in 3 years! Had lunch with them at the Ellice Bar and caught up with everything ♥ Met so many nice people!

July 6 - Spontaneous decision to go visit my friend at course again :) Had lunch with them again.. bought this drink called Ruby Red (?)- NEW ADDICTION! Then chilled a bit at their building and talked to other people about their course. Waited until they had to go in for their show. Then walked from Wairau to Glenfield Mall and waited for Mariane @ the library. Went to mall and watched a bit of the 5 mins of fame show going on. Window shopped! Then chilled at the foodcourt and had a deeeep and meaningful conversation (aka dmc) :) She let out sooooo much. Then went home and decided to continue dmc. Watched one episode of HIMYM and then A Walk to Remember since she hadn’t seen it :) Good days.

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  • 06 July 2012
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